What Do Brazilians Need to Visit Europe?

Brazilian nationals are not required to have a Schengen visa to enter the European zone for short-stay periods. This means that Brazilian citizens traveling to Europe for up to 90 days just need to show their passports to immigration authorities upon their arrival.

Starting mid-2025, there will be another necessary requirement for Brazilian citizens—an approved ETIAS visa waiver. Brazilian passport holders must obtain travel authorization before traveling to a European destination. To obtain the ETIAS visa waiver for Brazilians, all citizens need to have the following on hand when they access the ETIAS application online:

  • valid biometric Brazilian passport
  • A credit or debit card to pay the ETIAS visa waiver fee
  • A valid email address to receive a digital copy of the approved ETIAS 

Entering any of the European, or non-European countries requires Brazilian nationals to carry their valid biometric, machine-readable passport, as well as their approved ETIAS.

ETIAS will be electronically associated with the exact Brazilian passport submitted during the application process. This means that Brazilian nationals with dual citizenship must travel with the same passport used during the ETIAS application since ETIAS is not transferable to another passport. Travelers attempting to travel with a passport that does not have an associated approved ETIAS may be denied boarding or turned away at border control once they land in a Schengen country.

Traveling to Europe with ETIAS from Brazil

Brazilians visiting Europe with the ETIAS will be granted unlimited entries to the Schengen zone for the duration of their visa waiver or until the date of expiration of their passport—whichever comes first. ETIAS grants Brazilian passport holders multiple entries of up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

If the passport submitted during the ETIAS application process expires before the three years are over, the ETIAS will be rendered null as soon as the passport electronically linked to it expires. By mid-2025, ETIAS will be operational. Brazilian nationals, minors included, will be required to apply for an ETIAS to travel to the E.U. once it becomes mandatory.

ETIAS authorities advise Brazilian passport holders to apply for the European visa waiver a minimum of three days before the intended date of arrival in the Schengen Area. This time period is recommended to allow ETIAS authorities sufficient screening and processing time to approve the Europe visa waiver. Certain applicants may be contacted via email if more information or documents are required to process their ETIAS application.

Brazilian citizens must bear in mind that the Schengen visa waiver for Brazilians does not necessarily guarantee entry into Schengen countries. It does, however, grant the traveler permission to travel to Europe. Entry into the Schengen country remains at the discretion of the immigration official that greets you at the border.

Schengen immigration authorities may request additional supporting documents upon arrival at the border, including:

  • Proof of financial resources that support the traveler during their stay in the Schengen zone
  • Return or onwards tickets to a destination the citizen is allowed to travel to by the end of their stay
  • Proof of medical travel insurance (although this is not a formal requirement, it is always a good idea to be insured when traveling)

To ensure maximum security in the Schengen Area, this information and your identity details will be cross-referenced against international criminal and informational databases such as eu-LISA, Schengen Information System (SIS), INTERPOL, EURODAC, EUROPOL, and Visa Information System (VIS). These will ensure that information on potential applicants meets the security criteria of the Schengen zone.

An ETIAS visa waiver for Brazilian passport holders is likely to be refused if the applicant has been involved in any serious criminal activity. The ETIAS screening system aims to identify and target terrorist and human trafficking threats. However, Brazilians with serious drug-related criminal records or who have been convicted over issues related to public order are likely to be denied access to many Schengen countries.

ETIAS Application Requirements for Brazilian Citizens

It is a legal requirement for people from Brazil to apply for an ETIAS travel authorization for Europe

ETIAS requirements for Brazilian citizens need to be submitted by each traveler when applying online for the European visa waiver. These requirements include a valid Brazilian biometric passport, a credit or debit card, and an email address.

Additionally, Brazilian citizens must provide the following information to submit their ETIAS application:

  • Full name
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • City and country of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Current street address in the country of residence
  • Passport number
  • Passport issuance date
  • Passport expiration date
  • Passport issuing country
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Schengen member state of first intended entry

It is critical to ensure that all information submitted in the traveler’s ETIAS application form corresponds exactly with the data on the citizen’s Brazilian passport. Any errors or inconsistencies between the information typed in the application form, and the actual passport will likely result in the denial of the ETIAS visa waiver.

The application for ETIAS for Brazilians entails answering questions concerning security, health, drug use, and employment history. The ETIAS application form for Brazilians also includes inquiries regarding travel to conflict areas, past European travels, and future plans to visit the Schengen Area.

Information on the ETIAS Application