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CIBT, and its subsidiaries, VisaCentral and are the recognized industry leader in international travel visas and passports. Over four million travelers have used our services to obtain the documents they need to travel internationally.  We are dedicated to our customers and clients and continually strive to make improvements to the way we work. 

May 22, 2012- CIBT Expands Presence to Australia - Global Visa Service Provider Acquires Visalink

CIBT, the global travel visa and passport services company, announced its acquisition of leading Australian visa services provider, Visalink Systems Pty Ltd. This acquisition is an important milestone in CIBT’s strategy to provide visa and other travel document services globally. With the addition of Visalink and its offices in Melbourne and Canberra, CIBT now operates more than 30 offices in ten countries; Belgium, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA and now Australia. Last year CIBT helped nearly one million travellers obtain the documents required for their international travel.

 “Our expansion into Australia provides significant benefits to our global customers.  Multi-national clients will experience the advantages of being serviced by one global network for all their travel document needs,” said John Donoghue, President and CEO of CIBT. “CIBT is now able to provide superior service for travel management companies, cruise lines and tour operators, the retail travel industry, corporations and individuals in Australia.”

 “Combining CIBT’s expertise with Visalink’s leading position in the Australian market will ensure a fast and easy process to any Australian resident who may need a travel visa,” said Simon Derbyshire, Managing Director for Visalink. “We remain committed to providing our existing customers in Australia with rapid, simple and secure service.”  Visalink has been serving the leading global travel management companies, many retail travel agencies, and the corporate market, as well as many individual travellers in the Australian market since 1975.

CIBT, with a large presence in North America and Western Europe, is expanding aggressively in the Asia-Pacific region.  Nicolas Derbyshire has been appointed as the Vice President for Business Development in the Asia-Pacific region and will spearhead the company’s future expansion plans. “The Asia/Pacific region will benefit greatly from the introduction of the CIBT visa processing platform and professional visa services.  The Asian travel industry, global corporations and travelers alike have been underserviced when it comes to visa facilitation and our service offering will provide a real benefit to companies and individuals.” said Nicolas Derbyshire.

March 31, 2012 Vancouver Sun

CIBT, a leading travel visa company located in Vancouver and Toronto, offers a comprehensive visa and passport service. It provides personal service which can eliminate hours of waiting in line and making numerous phone calls to different embassies. There is a very good reference guide online at where the Visa Quick Check has a list of countries with details of visa requirements for Canadian passport holders.  

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CIBT and British Airways Partner to Provide Travel Documentation Services to Customers

British Airways has partnered with CIBT, the global visa and passport professionals, to provide the airline’s customers with a comprehensive line of travel document services. CIBT can provide assistance for travel document services such as visas, passports, an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) for travel to Australia and an Electronic System for Travel Authorization(ESTA) for travel to the United States all at a nominal service fee.  Through this partnership, British Airways passengers can take advantage of CIBT’s fast and easy services around the world and receive a special 30 percent off service fees*. 

CIBT and British Airways have launched the partnership under the brand name VisaCentral, a CIBT Company.  VisaCentral, like other subsidiary CIBT companies ( and, is built as a more consumer-friendly brand aimed to convey travel document services to British Airways tourist and business travelers. 

“Our goal at British Airways is to empower our customers and get them safely and seamlessly to and from their destinations. We are happy to partner with CIBT so that customers have the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing their documentation is in order as they depart on their trip,” Sophie McKinstrie, New Business Development Manager at British Airways said. “The discount means we will be able to offer our customers a fast, dedicated and seamless service at reduced fees to ensure they can travel with the correct visas and documentation.”

British Airways flies to over 600 destinations worldwide, and many of those countries require specific documents, forms and waivers before entry is granted to business and tourism travelers alike.  With processing offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, residents of all nationalities are able to work with CIBT professionals as they apply for the complicated travel document services.  If requests are urgent, travelers are able to receive certain visas and passports in as little as a day.  CIBT is able to process other travel service requests, such as an ETA to Australia electronically within seconds.  Nationals of over 30 countries who request to enter the US under the Visa Waiver Program with CIBT can receive confirmation an ESTA has been granted within as little as a few minutes and no longer than 72 hours.

“As many people are aware, navigating through government processes can be challenging,” said Michelle Bailin, Vice President of Partner Marketing at CIBT.  “British Airways passengers choosing to work with CIBT will benefit from expedited application processing and guidance from knowledgeable experts in travel documentation.”

*The British Airways discount applies to CIBT service fees only.  Visa, passport and other services’ prices and consular fees are set by individual governments and cannot be discounted.

CIBT Announces “Ash Assist” Program to Help Travelers Affected By Volcanic Ash Air Closures

CIBT, the global visa and passport professionals, have announced “Ash Assist,” a special offer for travelers whose plans were disrupted due to flight cancellations caused by the Icelandic ash cloud.  The program provides a 50% reduction in service fees for travelers who must re-apply for a travel visa. CIBT offers a simple, one-stop solution for travelers in need of visas required for travel to many destinations throughout the world, including Europe, the UK and Canada, as well as China, India, Brazil, Russia, Australia and Saudi Arabia.   CIBT can secure any travel visas to most countries in the world for people of any nationality living in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, and Canada. 

“We recognize that many international trips had to be cancelled as a result of flight disruption due to the volcanic ash cloud.” said Jeff Fine, CEO of CIBT, “As people re-book trips, we are pleased to help secure new visas to replace those that could not be used earlier in April.  We look forward to making it fast, easy, and affordable for international travelers to get back in the skies.”  Travelers whose trips were impacted by the ash cloud are eligible to receive 50% off of CIBT’s standard service fee on a new order. The original visas need not have been obtained through CIBT. 

CIBT and Virgin Atlantic Airlines Announce Travel Visa and Passport Partnership

CIBT Inc. and Virgin Atlantic Ltd. announced a strategic relationship to provide the airline's customers with a comprehensive line of travel visa and passport services, including travel visas and passports. CIBT's service offerings, which are now integrated into the Virgin Atlantic website, are especially important for travelers visiting countries that require travel visas. CIBT offers a simple, one-stop solution for travelers in need of travel visas, passports, and other important documents required for travel to many destinations throughout the world, including China, India, Brazil, Russia, Australia and Saudi Arabia. CIBT can secure any travel visa to most countries in the world for travelers of any nationality living in the United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, and Canada.

CIBT Announces Strategic Relationship with Delta Air

CIBT Inc. announced a strategic relationship with Delta Air Lines Inc. to provide the airline's customers with a comprehensive line of travel visa and passport services, including travel visas, passports, and more. Delta SkyMiles members earn 1,000 SkyMiles when they use CIBT to procure a qualifying travel visa or passport service. CIBT offers a simple, one-stop solution for travelers in need of travel visas, passports, and other important documents required for travel to many destinations throughout the world, including China, Brazil, India, Russia, Vietnam and Egypt. CIBT can secure virtually any travel visa to any country in the world for customers of all nationalities living within the United States. CIBT also helps citizens of the United States obtain first-time passports, renewals, name changes, additional pages, and second passports in as little as one day. CIBT also offers Delta customer’s access to Global Phoneworks, a short-term global cellular phone service that enables travelers to stay in touch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anywhere in the world. Global Phoneworks provides GSM and Satellite coverage in 140 countries. Delta SkyMiles members earn 1,000 SkyMiles for every qualifying cell phone rental. CIBT is committed to providing Delta customers with exceptional customer service delivery and complete travel visa and passport management.

Business Week: A Passport to Riches.  Outfits such as CIBT that expedite travel visas and passports are cashing in, as countries tighten borders against terrorism and illegal immigration

When Bill Gates applied for a travel visa for a recent trip to Nigeria, his paperwork hit a snag. The Nigerian government required proof that the billionaire chairman of Microsoft (MSFT) would not stay in the country and become a drain on Nigeria's social services. The company helping him with his application, travel visa and passport expeditor CIBT, obtained a letter from Gates' bank that reassured the Nigerian authorities that Mr. Gates would not be a concern to the Nigerian government. Thanks to the work done by CIBT, Bill Gates was able to obtain approval from the Nigerian government and his travel visa was approved. Learn more

CIBT Inc. to Open Office in Atlanta, Georgia, Effective October 1, 2008

CIBT is pleased to announce the opening of an office in Atlanta, Georgia effective October 1, 2008. With the addition of the Atlanta location, CIBT now has representation in every consular jurisdiction in the USA.  The new Atlanta location will enable CIBT to offer localized service to clients in the southeastern United States.

Jeff Fine, CIBT President and CEO featured in American Executive Magazine. 

Jeff Fine, CEO of CIBT, Inc., the world’s leading travel visa and passport expediting service, explained that US passport agencies only allow for a certain number of passports to be submitted by expeditors, and the only way for an expeditor to obtain more slots is to acquire another company. That’s where CIBT has an advantage. 

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