The U.S. Passport Office states that standard passport processing times currently range from 10 to 13 weeks, while expedited processing ranges from 7 - 9 weeks.

Passport Services

Passport Renewal

CIBTvisas can help you renew your US Passport. A qualifying passport is expiring or has expired within the last 5 years and was issued after you were 16 years old.

Other Passport Services

  • First Time Passport
    You are age 18 or older, your current Passport was issued when you were under the age of 16, or, your previous Passport was issued more than 15 years ago.
  • Passport Card
    An identity card can be used for limited border crossings and as proof of identity for domestic travel.
  • Child's Passport
    For minors Under 18 years old including children with expired or lost passports. All minors (including infants) must have their own US Passport when traveling internationally by air.
  • Second Passport and Second Passport Renewal
    For frequent travelers who travel between politically sensitive countries, or, if you need a visa in your current US Passport while traveling, or, if your second US Passport is expiring or about to expire.
  • Name Change
    Your legal name must match your US Passport for it to be valid. If your name has changed, you can update your Passport with a legal document.
  • Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passport
    Replace your Lost or Stolen Passport to protect your identity. Damaged Passports are invalid and must be replaced.