How Much Does It Cost to Renew a Passport in the US?

If you’ve previously been issued a US passport, there will come a time when you’ll need to renew, in most cases within 10 years of the date your passport was issued. 

Renewing your passport is essential for travelers, but the process often raises questions: How much does it cost? How long does the passport renewal process take? Given the current backlog, it’s smart to know the timelines you’re working with—and the costs associated with getting it faster if need be. 

In this article, we've detailed the passport application process, including the current renewal fees and procedures, so you can worry less about paperwork and get where you need to be.

Is my passport eligible for renewal?

The first step in the passport renewal process is to verify whether your existing passport can be renewed. 

Your existing passport must meet the following criteria:

● It is in your possession, undamaged, apart from regular wear and tear. If your passport was lost, stolen, or damaged, you must file additional paperwork and apply for a new passport book.
● It was issued when you were 16 years old or younger. If your existing passport was issued when you were under 16, and you are now over sixteen, you must apply for a new adult passport book. 
● It was issued within the last 15 years. If your US passport was issued more than 15 years ago, you’ll need to get a new passport, as it’s been too long since it expired.
● It was issued in your current name, or you can provide name-change documentation. If you’ve changed your name since your passport was issued and have legal documentation proving the name change, in limited circumstances you may be able to update your passport. In most cases, though, you’ll need to apply for a new passport.

When should I renew my passport book?

Even though a US passport is valid for 10 years, the Department of State recommends renewing it nine months before it expires. Some countries require your passport to have at least six months of validity remaining for entry, so waiting to renew your passport might limit your travel options.  

What are the passport renewal fees in the US?

The cost for adults to renew a US passport depends on the type of document you need. As of August 2023, the following mandatory government fees will apply, in addition to CIBTvisas' handling fee. 

● Passport book: $130
● Passport card: $30
● Passport book and card combo: $160 

You should know that passport fees are non-refundable, even if your passport application is denied. Submitting passport renewal applications with the wrong passport fees could extend the processing time. To avoid delays or extra processing costs, you’ll want to ensure you’ve completed your passport renewal application correctly.  

What is the passport renewal process?

Renewing a US passport typically involves filling out Form DS-82 and mailing it to the National Passport Processing Center, along with your current passport, a recent passport photo, and payment of the renewal fees.

Alternatively, you can apply for a passport renewal at a passport acceptance facility, including: post offices, clerks of court, public libraries, and other local government offices, or through a passport agency. These facilities charge an execution fee (aka an acceptance fee) of $35. 

How long are passport renewals currently taking?

The current processing time for passport renewals is as follows:

● Routine service: six to eight weeks
● Expedited service: two to three weeks 

These time frames exclude mailing times, which may add an extra two to four weeks overall.

If you must travel within the next 14 days, you might be able to get your passport at a passport agency by making an appointment—though it can be near-impossible to find an office with any openings. 

FAQs about renewing a US passport

How do I get my passport fast?

You can select the expedited service—it's an extra $60 for faster processing. You may qualify for expedited in-person Urgent Travel Service if your international travel is within 14 days. 

For faster return shipping, you can pay $19.53 extra to receive your passport within one to two days after it has been processed.

Passport agencies can help you with Life or Death Emergency Service applications to get faster processing for emergencies. If your reasons qualify, you could get your passport in time to travel within three days.   

Is it cheaper to renew a passport or let it expire?

In general, renewing a passport before it expires might be cheaper, as you won't need to pay to expedite the passport application if you need it back quickly. However, if it has been less than five years since your passport expired, it doesn't affect the standard renewal application fee. If your passport expired more than five years ago, you cannot renew it and must apply for a new one.

Do I need a passport card too?

While not necessary, a passport card is a cheaper, more portable alternative for land and sea travel within North America. A passport card may be enough if you're planning a short-term road trip to Canada or a cruise to some parts of the Caribbean. However, passport cards are not valid for international air travel—even from Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean—and won't meet the requirements of most countries if you plan to travel internationally outside of North America.

How much does it cost to add passport cards?

Adding a passport card to your renewal costs an additional fee of $30.

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