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Since the global Covid pandemic began in early 2020, Portugal has seen an uptick in foreign residents flocking to its seaside havens, with some even seeking to immigrate to Portugal. This has boosted their economy, won them global accolades, and given foreign visitors a fresh quality of life.

Portugal’s government has now gone a step further in welcoming foreign visitors to its shores. As of October 30, 2022, the country will allow workers from any country not part of the EU or European Economic Area to apply for remote work and a residency visa. Let’s take a look at the qualifications, opportunities, and benefits of this visa for digital nomads.

Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

Whether you’ve always wanted to live in Portugal or are now simply looking for a lifestyle change, Portugal’s new digital nomad visa may be your ticket to a fresh adventure. To begin the process, applicants must have the following information available:

  • Proof of current country of tax residency
  • Employment details (contract and evidence of workers’ income)

Applicants must earn at least four times as much as the Portuguese national wage. Currently, the national wage is 822 euros ($798), meaning would-be digital nomads must have a monthly income of at least 3,288 euros ($2,750).

Should you qualify for a Portuguese digital nomad visa as a remote worker, you can then either apply for a temporary residency visa, valid for up to one year, or a residency permit that can be renewed for up to five years.

Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa Benefits

Imagine immersing yourself in a place where beautiful sunset views grace you every evening, hiking trails demand your exploration and a welcoming culture you can’t wait to embrace. Portugal is a country where these ideals are a possibility. CIBTvisas would love to help you experience a culture that encourages your free lifestyle.

Numerous travelers and now residents of Portugal commend the country for helping them have a stronger work-life balance, giving them opportunities to pursue passions, talents, and interests outside of work. The low cost of living has also consistently drawn people to Portugal. The cost of living for Americans is drastically lower than in most other Western European countries. Stay in a studio apartment with a breathtaking view of Lisbon and the coast for a much lower price than a tiny apartment in New York City.

Delicious cuisine and drinks also await. After your workday is done, enjoy a glass of local wine with a savory meal of vegetables, spices, and smoked sausages. Grab a friend or two, and don’t forget to finish the day with a nightcap of Port, the country's traditional staple. Food and good company—what’s not to love?

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If you’re curious about beginning again, CIBTvisas is here to provide you with the visa information you need for immigrating to Portugal. Should you hope to apply for a business or tourist visa, check out our Portugal visa information page. We’re also happy to connect and walk you through any questions you may have.

Portugal is not alone in providing digital nomad visas. If you are daydreaming about living in Croatia, Malta, Iceland, and many other countries don’t hesitate to ask us about visa requirements. Spectacular adventures are ready for you to explore.

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