Getting Your Bahamas
Travel Health Visa

*** Update: Effective June 19, 2022, a Bahamas Health Travel Visa is no longer required for entry ***
Getting Your Bahamas Travel Health Visa

The Bahamas is open for business! But admission to one of the world’s most beautiful destinations is more complicated than it was pre-pandemic.

Everyone entering the Bahamas, whether to enjoy the tropical weather or conduct business, must apply for a Bahamas Travel Health Visa. The steps are a little tricky which is why CIBTvisas offers assistance to ensure you’re on your way quickly and with certainty. What's application process? Let’s take a look.

Bahamas Travel Heath Visa

The Bahamas requires all travelers to obtain a Bahamas Travel Health Visa before arrival to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Health Visa is completed online, requires a specific, negative COVID-19 test taken no sooner than 72-hours before arrival.

The Health Visa application process is divided into four steps, all of which are done online. It’s estimated that applicants doing this on their will will spend up to 40 minutes completing the following:

  • Create a Profile on the government website’s Health Visa portal
  • Add a trip to your profile with your RT-PCR test results or Vaccination Card
  • Add Dependents (if applicable)
  • Add Travel Itinerary

After you’ve filled out the application and provided your documents you’ll wait to see if you’re approved. Everyone traveling in your party will need to fill out and submit their own Bahamas Travel Health Visa form.

Questions You Might Have
  1. Do I need to create a Profile for my children? You don’t need to create a Profile for dependents under the age of 18, but you will need to add them to the dependents section of your Profile.
  2. Do I need to have proof of negative COVID-19 test results for my children? Yes. Unless children are two or under, proof of a negative test is required.
  3. Does the Travel Health Visa cost anything? Yes. The cost differs slightly depending on where you’re visiting from and if you’re vaccinated or not. Vaccinated tourists from the U.S. will pay $40 per Health Visa, while vaccinated travelers from the rest of the world will pay $50 per. Unvaccinated travelers from the U.S. will pay $60 per Health Visa, while unvaccinated travelers from the rest of the world will pay $70. Each dependent 12 and older will require their Health Visa be paid for as well. All dependents 11 and under are free.
Trust CIBT with Your Bahamas Travel Health Visa

Having your application for your Bahamas Travel Health Visa denied can put your tropical getaway or business plans at risk, potentially costing you money, time, and headaches.

CIBTvisas ensures your Travel Health Visa application is completed accurately and makes a complex process simple. We work with you on required information and required documents, including certifying that negative COVID-19 tests are submitted correctly. Eliminate the risk of a denied Travel Health Visa application and a canceled and postponed trip. Start your order today!

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