smarTours is pleased to offer its customers the expertise and experience of CIBTvisas, the fast and easy way to obtain a visa, passport and other documents for travel anywhere in the world. You have been directed to this website to get the CIBTvisas Visa Application Kit you will need to complete to obtain a travel visa for your upcoming trip.

  • The Visa Application Kits are for US passport holders who require a visa for their trip
  • If you hold a Canadian passport and reside in Canada click here to go directly to the CIBT Canada website or call 888-665-9956
  • Non-US passport holders go to the Visas tab to obtain a Visa Application Kit for your nationality or call 800-406-1523
  • Contact us by email [email protected] or call 800-406-1523 if you have questions and identify yourself as a smarTours guest and reference account 50002

Get Your Visa Application Kit

Select your Visa Application Kit and you will be given the choice to download or email it once you have made your selection.

Too busy to manage your request? Try our Concierge Service. Our expert specialists manage the entire visa application for you. Simply call 866-247-7599 to get started.  

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